Why use a PCV Fix kit?

Dealing with the intake manifold check valve can be costly. Dealerships can charge upwards of $300 for the part alone, and aftermarket replacements cost around $140-$160. The PCV Fix Kit comes in at $75 - a substantial savings over a replacement manifold, and fixes the issue without requiring a new manifold.

The V3.4+ PCV Fix Kit, our most popular solution, is installed without removing the intake manifold (eliminating 1-2 hours of work) and requires no special tools or sockets. You don't have to be very mechanically inclined to successfully install it.

The OEM design uses a guaranteed-to-fail check valve located inside the intake manifold. Even aftermarket options, which claim an improvement over the OEM design, simply place a pin behind the check valve; a mere bandaid to a flawed design that is still prone to cracking, leaking, sticking, and clogging. With countless hours of R&D, the CruzeKits V3.4 PCV Fix Kit uses a number of custom made, OEM-quality parts to upgrade the PCV system, resolve the issue, and make the check valve serviceable in under 5 minutes with simple pliers.

Our PCV fix kits are known for durability. The V1 and V2.1 kits use a robust brass check valve that has been reported reliable for 80,000-120,000 miles between cleanings. The V3.4+ PCV Fix Kit, with a custom built check valve featuring Viton internals hasn't had a failed check valve reported yet, and the kit comes with a spare if you ever need one!

With over 7 years of proven reliability and regular improvements, the PCV Fix Kits have stood the test of time, temperature, and abuse. They're designed to be an improvement and upgrade over the OEM design, while retaining OEM PCV functions and emissions controls. 

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