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Why use a PCV Fix Kit?

The 1.4L Turbo has a 100% failure rate. Here's why thousands of people have chosen our fix as the solution.

  • Affordable

    A new intake manifold will cost you $140-$300 excluding labor. The CruzeKits V3.4 PCV Fix Kit comes in at $75 - a substantial savings.

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  • Simple

    The V3.4+ PCV Fix Kit can be installed with basic tools and without removing the intake manifold, saving 1-2 hours of work.

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  • Better

    The OEM design is guaranteed to fail and cannot be serviced. The V3.4 PCV Fix Kit makes it serviceable in under 5 minutes.

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  • Durable

    The PCV Fix Kits are built with OEM spec components designed for longevity, and check valves designed for maximul durability.

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  • Proven

    With over 6 years of proven reliability and regular improvement, the PCV Fix Kits have stood the test of time, temperature, and abuse.

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  • Supported

    We're family owned & operated, which means you can depend on friendly expertise whenever you call, text. or e-mail.

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