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Chevy Cruze

Intake Manifold PCV Fix Kits

Developed in January 2017 with over 2400 kits shipped since, our PCV Fix Kits have been tested and proven to effectively resolve the 1.4L Turbo LUV/LUJ/A14NET intake manifold PCV failure better than anything else out there. These kits are reliable, effective, and long-lasting fixes for the common PCV check valve failure. These kits work in all vehicles using this engine, including the Cruze, Sonic, Trax, Encore, and various Opel/Vauxhall vehicles. 

Cruze/Sonic Boost Coolant Leak Test Kit

Boost/Coolant Leak Test Kits

The GM 1.4L Turbo is susceptible to many boost and coolant leaks. Our Boost/Coolant leak test kits can be easily used with an air compressor to test and find those leaks, saving you time and money. Find issues fast and replace the right parts the first time. 


Cruze 1.4L Turbo Big 3 Kits

Designed specifically for the 2011-2016 Limited Cruze, our Big 3 Kits reinforce the stock electrical system to support higher electrical loads and more stable voltage. 

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