GM LUV/LUJ Big 3 Kit

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The Big 3 Kit is a popular electrical system upgrade for the 1.4L Turbo engines. While the alternator is capable of producing 130A of power, the stock wiring is only capable of 75A before it starts losing power to resistance and creating heat. This kit is a reinforcement that is added on top of the existing factory cable, supporting higher electrical loads and more consistent voltage. It will improve light dimming issues with aftermarket sound systems. 

Complete hand-built 4 AWG Big 3 Kit for the 1.4L Turbo LUV/LUJ engine & chassis. Power cable is red, ground cables are black. Kit comes with 6 zipties and a zinc-plated, OEM-style flange nut to secure the chassis ground to the engine block. Terminals are sized according to the specific connection points required and are 6-ton hydraulically crimped for a lifetmie secure connection.

Big 3 Kits are made to exact lengths here in the USA using components that are also made in the USA.

Install instructions:

Fits the following vehicles:
2011-2015, and 2016 Limited 1.4L Cruze
2011-2020 Chevy Sonic/Aveo
2013+ Chevy Trax
2013+ Buick Encore (Excluding LE2 engine)

The kit includes three cables for the following connections: 

  • Alternator to Battery Positive
  • Battery to Chassis Ground
  • Chassis to Engine Block Ground

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